The GoPro case- why get it?

Gopro with waterproof case

If you already have a GoPro camera you already know the main reason for getting it is the… GoPro case. As no matter how performant or great underwater the GoPro camera might be, it gets useless and totally inefficient if the GoPro case is unable to maximize its performances.

There are many reasons for which the GoPro case stands out from the crowd and we all know how great it is when it comes to protecting your camera from scratching and the elements.

The main reasons

No matter how rugged your GoPro camera might be, you still need to protect it as some parts are not invincible. It’s very likely that after a 100 ft. drop the camera ends up with just a little scratch, but some areas are not as resistant and need the protection that only a GoPro case can give. For an extensive look at the current Gopro cases on the market, see here.

The button area is such an area that needs protection. In case of a crash or a hard landing, the buttons touch first the ground so the entire force of the impact goes directly inside the GoPro. It doesn’t need many falls for your GoPro to stop working, despite its rugged build.

Of course, special situations need special measures and a great feature of the GoPro case is that it’s designed especially for so many various situations, in order to give the best protection to your GoPro.

The variety of the GoPro cases is so big and you can find models that are created not only for a specific GoPro camera, but also for specific life situations, accordingly to your needs.

How to look for the right GoPro case

Diving goggle mounted gopro case
Diving goggle mounted gopro case

Apart from the specific situation you need a GoPro case, you also need to think on the budget. There are many models out there and the range of prices is pretty big and you need to keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

It is very likely, though, that, the more you pay for your GoPro, the more durable your case might be, with many organizational options and better protection for your GoPro.

For instance, maybe you own more than one GoPro cameras so you might need a larger GoPro case/bag. Keep in mind to double check the GoPro case with the model of your GoPro camera as there are several models out there and you don’t want to get the wrong GoPro case. Remember that you want all the accessories to fit the case, so don’t forget about them when getting the GoPro case.

For some situation, you might need a hard shell, but the soft shell fits most situations.

Even though the looks shouldn’t matter the most, it’s something to consider also as the case is the first thing you see on your camera. So…it should match your liking on it comes to appearance just as well.

The closer look

You can find so many models of GoPro cases. For instance, for water sports, you might want a case that is not only waterproof, but it’s also to let you dive with it up to 200’. The lens is flat glass for more clarity on the pictures both above and below water. The intuitive screen is also an asset to look for. Never forget about the locking mechanism that is something you want when scuba diving, for instance.

For the windy situations, your GoPro case would have flexible foam that would wrap perfectly your GoPro, protecting it from the noise. A frame protects the camera also from potential damage, whereas the back of the windscreen is hollow so that you are able to watch video on the LCD screen.

When you do some snowboarding, you know that it’s not going to be just noisy and wet, but also shaking and falling from time to time. So your GoPro case has to protect the camera against water, shocks and to allow you at the same easy operation, in a noiseless way.

The fair conclusion

There are many models of GoPro cases out there and you only need to spend some time and give some patience as the variety of the cases surpasses your imagination.

So, check your pocket first, ask around and…give yourself some time until you find the perfect GoPro case for your needs!